Lady Gaga London Style

October 29, 2013 By: Arlene M Category: Celebrity

The following blog post is about Lady Gaga’s London Style.¬† London is currently experiencing one if its worst storms in history. This storm is roaming through Britain leaving nothing but destruction in its path; yet Lady Gaga refuses to let the extreme weather prevent her from doing her own thing. We all know Lady Gaga as the unique pop star who likes to express herself in rather strange ways, from meat dresses to egg hats, but most recently she stepped out on to the streets of London rocking a rather strange ensemble that has people once again questioning her sanity.

Lady Gaga London Style White Dress 200x300 Lady Gaga London Style

From a distance it looks like a luxurious white ball gown, but as you get a closer look you can see that it is actually a cream colored dress made of a strange material…. Crape paper. Lady Gaga definitely made a head turning statement as she walked out of her London hotel wearing a floor long dress made of several rows of long luscious ruffles of crepe paper. To complete the look of the dress Gaga paired it with a intricate headdress that was made of coordinate ruffles and ivory hue. The headdress sat firmly on her long blonde wig. This detailed and offbeat dress was designed by a Lebanese wood artist.

As if the dress and head piece was not enough, Gaga topped off the look by covering her whole body, from her face to her legs, in white body paint. Her lips were patted with a matte red color. The complete look closely resembled the look that she put together on the cover of her current album, ArtPop.

Luckily for Gaga, she managed to make it from the hotel doors to her awaiting car without a single raindrop landing on her astonishingly odd crepe paper, ruffled dress. After a long range of unusual outfits, who knows what Gaga has up her sleeve for her next casual outing.

Celebrities Trending Sneaker Wedges

October 21, 2013 By: Arlene M Category: Shoes

The modern trends in fashion have brought about several innovations in shoe styles. In many fashion trends, there are several celebrities seen to have something in common, especially when it comes to their footwear. Sneaker wedges are one of the trending footwear for many female celebrities.

The fashionable style and comfortable characteristic in shoes is what makes celebrities go crazy about sneaker wedges. What makes this kind of sneaker unique is its hybrid of heeled wedged sandals and a sneaker all in one. It is indeed a big hit among the fashionable crowd.

Celebs in Sneaker Wedges 300x227 Celebrities Trending Sneaker Wedges

Celebrities in Sneakers Wedges

The Canadian beauty Jessica Lowndes with the role of teen Adriana in the popular television series 90210, is seen to be wearing this type of sneaker with faded jeans whilst out and about.

Different artists in the music industry have also been seen in the trendy sneakers, such as Katy Perry, seen in the Super Bowl 2012 wearing a comfortable pair of red and white sneaker wedges along with her sports jacket and dress. Alicia Keys is not only busy making music, but also finds time to create her own brand of design with the Reebok sneaker brand. Now that she’s already a mom, she enjoys wearing comfortable sneakers plus silhouettes of wedge freestyle sneakers. Ciara and Nelly Furtado also have the same fashion sense¬† for sneakers and wedges in one.

Others include, Eva Mendez and Emma Roberts who wear their shoes with a pair of tattered pants. Such a rugged yet fashionable look.

Ciara Giuseppe Wedge Heel Sneaker 300x300 Celebrities Trending Sneaker Wedges

Trendy and Undeniably Fashionable Shoes

The idea of putting the comfort and style in ones shoes is undeniably fashionable. However, these kinds of shoes may require someone with a keen eye for fashion to pinpoint what outfit best goes with it. Jeans and shorts would look good with these as well. Miniskirts also complement this kind of footwear and, yes, they look simply amazing.

Women are well-known shoe enthusiasts. Sneaker Wedges are not only stylish; moreover, they provide superb comfort for the feet, unlike stilettos. This may be the main reason why sneaker wedges continuously trend, not only in the Hollywood celebrities and artist but among all fashion enthusiasts.