Long Maxi Dress for Women Trends 2013


Maxi dresses come in a variety of designs. Stylists and designers estimate that there are over a hundred designs of maxi dresses, including bold color dresses, tartan, polka dot, tartan and other range of styles and variations. Normally, maxi dresses are tailored from springy fabrics and this has made them the ideal clothing for expectant women who use them as maternity dresses. Nevertheless, its nearly-to-the-floor design has become all the rage amongst women and high-end stylists alike, mainly due to its relaxed and comfortable look.

Here we look at long maxi dress trends for women in 2013. This year saw designers coming up with new, innovative and exciting styles for maxi dresses. Consumers have had the privilege to choose from different styles such as evening styles, beach, sport and casual:

One of the main advantages of long dresses is that they are always fashionable, unless the weather does not allow it. When the spring and summer season arrive, most women lose their heavy winter garments and go for something that is simple, comfortable, airy and easy. During the season, most women tend to go for paste color dresses, while some choose the bright and bold colors, such as sky-blue, red, fuchsia, green and yellow. In 2013, some designers have matched up the long maxi dresses with short leather jackets and this is turning out to be a very eye-catching trend.

The summer season in 2013 has not been that different from those in previous years – everyone wants to spend some relaxing time on the beach in front the blue waters. Over the years, maxi dresses have become common beach attire and this trend is even more popular in 2013, with navy style maxi dresses being the most prominent.

Some women have also worn maxi dresses at work. In such cases, the striped gowns and patterned designs such as polka dots have been the most preferred designs and they have been accessorized with tights, neck scarfs and necklaces. For formal events black dresses have remained the undisputed design.

With the autumn season fast approaching, most stylists have already availed warm-colored maxi dresses, mostly in brown sugar, dark milk hues, brown and coffee. Others have come up with brightly colored designs such as mustard, dark green and burgundy.

Sports lovers have not been left out. Designers have also come up with urban style maxi dresses which are both comfortable and stylish. The sport style maxi dress designs can found in green, yellow, black and blue designs.

Lastly, for those women who consider themselves brave, the architectural silhouette maxi dresses, such as the bell maxi dress, were created just for them. This dress design outlines their waist and looks perfect with fur coats.








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