Nail Art Designs 2012 – 2013


Here are nail art designs 2012 – 2013, Digital nail printer is designed to print several color and pictures on fingers within one minute! You can put any designs into computer which connect with the digital printer, then you will get “amazing art design”. The color is really soft and girly but the accessories made this nail art are so incredible. The crystal pink of nail polish combined with amaze pearls, crystal and gold beads is key of the beauty from this valentine nail art. Then, your boy is perfectly really love your touch. you are not only look beautiful in one sight but every sight.  The Valentine nail art designs collection this time are full of sparkling, shimmering pearl, crystal and nail polish. Besides that these collections provide with girly soft color of nail polish such us; baby pink, crystal pink, pure white, purple, gold and so on. Fresh fruit associated with Japanese nail art. This particular pattern really began between the first 90s however is actually making a comeback because Japoneses artists developed new methods to make sure they are more fascinating. Japoneses nail art is constantly on the bring smiles to people who give high respect for their look and those who provide significance to unique fashion and art.







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