Nail Paint Designs Trends 2013


Here are nail paint designs trends 2013, If your nail polish is thick then you need to put some nail thinner in it to make it thin, thin nail polish coats will remain in good form for longer times, thicker coats are not good for you nails as they will easily chip off when your nails comes in contact with some sharp surfaces. Apply thin coats two times or use it third time according to your comfort. Twice application of thinner coat will ensure that you got a stronger coat that will remain last longer on your nails. This guarantees that your nails have more polish in the center rather than on the sides where the product can pool and roll off of your nails onto your skin. Application of nail polish is easy but before that application you need to know how apply even coats to get a smother and shiny look. Occasionally an entirely even coat of nail polish depends on a blend of tricks quite than just your application method. Aside from using only nail polish that is new or is at least not awkward, here in this article I will ensure you through different tips that if you keep in mind while application of your nail paint.





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