Nail Art Designs Trends 2013


Here are nail art designs trends 2013. Most of these nail art designs feature blends of diverse dark and bright colors that are becoming exceptionally popular for the hip looking woman.

Nail art designs trends 2013 represent a new trend is designer nails. Here, nails are just not painted but are also garlanded with designs and add-ons. Some of the trendy nail designs this year include:


It is fact that shiny and glitzy nails never go out of fashion. This is one of the ever present fashions in nail trends and we don’t expect it to go away any time soon. However, most women using this trend tend to glitter only their nail tips for a much more distinct fashion statement.

Psychedelic Designs

This design brings us some of the brightest paint colors, including, but not limited to electric blue, orange, apple red, bright yellow and fluorescent green. Using a toothpick dipped in nail paints; these colors are painted onto the nails in a psychedelic style. This design is impeccable and eye catching.

Diagonal Colors

Simple colors are no longer the “in-thing”. More women are opting to use two or three color shades usually in a diagonal fashion. In addition, many other prefer to apply a coat of diagonal nail polish on the tips. This is a new twist and entrant to nail art designs trends in 2013.


This design is extremely common for those women who do not prefer the brightly colored psychedelic designs. It’s an impressive design to adorn your nails using striking floral designs on the lower edge of your nail using a detailing brush.

Hello Kitty

What began as a cartoon character has now become a trendy nail design. Popular among teenage girls, it involves painting nails with delightful kitty images. Others have taken it a notch higher to include 3D hello kitty additions.

Green Color

With this nail art designs trend for 2013, fashion gurus digress from the usual pink. It incorporates adorable color combinations such as fern green to give you a subtle and convincingly adorable look. In conclusion, we display some of the latest pictures of nail art designs 2013.









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